Update for my english speaking friends and family


I know some of my english speaking friends and family have been following my progress through this rollercoaster to hell and back. With me being closer to death than I have been in a long time. So this is for you as something is always lost in translation.

It started just over a month ago. My thyroxin levels shot threw the roof and my thyroid had to be taken out. A fantastic team, of 22 medical staff were on duty, some just waiting outside the operating room incase they were needed. Rikshospitalet, is one of two hospitals with a heart and lung machine. The surgery wasto take 1,5-2 hours, but took 4 so I had to have more anesthesia and morphine. Together with the high levels of thyroxin I got severe kidney failure. I was rushed back up to intensive care and put on dialysis machine. I was as close to a coma without beeing in one. I can remember only small things like faces and Toivo, Hanne and the one nurse trying to get food in me. I just wanted to be left alone. I was vey ill and mum asked the one cardiologist if my sister should come home home from Paris, and he said yes. My maid of honor, Hilde, also came to the intensive care. She was the only one outside the immediate family that was allowed in. I can remember her face, smiling at her, and then I was asleep again.


After a few days on dialysis my blood results got better and better. I became more aware of my surroundings and I was moved down to an ward were they keep closer eye on you, but not like intensive care.


After about 1,5 weeks in bed I was amazed at how much muscle I had lost in my legs. I was not able to stand. I had to be held up. As the days went I kept on getting better and eating more, more and more machines were disconnected. 


Two weeks ago I was moved to the cardiological ward. My kidneys are back to normal, my heart has not got any worse and I have had full focus on getting stronger inn my thighs and legs. After two weeks now, I can walk without any walking aids. Stairs are my biggest problem.


I got to home to my boys on friday and my biggest problem there was getting up from the toilet. So, as a little child (haha), I had to get Toivo to lift me up. I came back to Rikshospitalet yesterday absolutely wornout. I decided I needed to rest today so I would be ready for this last week of training. Five weeks in hospital is more than enough. 


Thank you for thinking of me and the family. They have also been through hell, probably more than me. I do feel like a fighter and I have a real willpower. 

Hope all is well with you

- Katie xx







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